CNSC 101: Meet the people who keep Canada's nuclear industry safe

CNSC 101 - An Information Session for Stakeholders. CNSC 101 information session in Ottawa, Ontario.

From uranium mines to facilities for research and final waste disposal, Canada's nuclear facilities remain among the safest and most secure in the world. Come meet the people who make that possible.

Join Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) experts at CNSC 101 sessions across Canada. These dynamic sessions will introduce you to the CNSC and its work to ensure that Canadian nuclear facilities and activities are safe. You'll also learn how you can participate in the licensing process.

Upcoming session and registration

Currently, there are no upcoming sessions planned.


Who should attend?

CNSC 101 sessions are open to everyone. They might be of particular interest to:

  • members of the public, Aboriginal and community groups
  • students and teachers in regulatory- and nuclear-related fields
  • local, municipal, provincial, and federal governments
  • non-governmental and non-profit organizations
  • CNSC licensees

Can't attend a presentation?

No problem. You can watch videos of past CNSC 101 presentations on our YouTube channel, or look through our CNSC 101 presentation (PDF).

If you would like to host a CNSC 101 presentation for your group or community, contact the CNSC.

Please note:

  • There is no charge to attend, but costs associated with travel and accommodation, etc. are your responsibility. Light snacks and refreshments are provided.
  • CNSC 101 is intended to provide a basic overview of the CNSC's history, structure and mandate, and is educational in nature. It is not a forum for public consultation, discussion of policy, or technical and legal matters. The CNSC welcomes public input through many other channels, such as public hearings. For more information on public participation, visit "Get involved".
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