Funding application process

Participants should pursue the following three steps when applying for PFP funding:

Step 1: Access the PFP application form

Consult the PFP funding opportunities to learn more about the project description and access the project-specific application form.

Step 2: Complete the PFP application form

Each project-specific PFP application form provides detailed instructions on how to complete each of the nine sections illustrated below. To ensure your application is accepted by the CNSC for review, please ensure you meet the specific criteria detailed within the PFP Guide.

This is an image of the nine steps required to complete the PFP Application form.

Step 3: Submit the PFP application form

All forms must be submitted to the CNSC’s PFP Administrator. Prior to submitting your form, please review, sign and date it, and keep a copy for your records. There are three ways to submit your form: email, fax or mail. Please see the PFP Guide for submission requirements, date(s) of receipt, and contact information. If you encounter any problems, please contact the PFP administrator.