Faces of the CNSC – Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen
Geoscience Technical Specialist

Son Nguyen is a Geoscience Technical Specialist who uses geoscientific and engineering principles to assess the safety of nuclear installations. His work at the CNSC is critical for the protection of the public’s health and the environment.

Son also conducts research in collaboration with Canadian and international partners to keep up to date with scientific and engineering developments and to ensure that licensing decisions are based on science.

Son explains, “My work consists of applying engineering and scientific principles, as well as professional judgment, to make sure that nuclear facilities are designed, constructed, operated, decommissioned and reverted to institutional control in a safe manner so human health and the environment are protected.”

Son is a two-time recipient of the CNSC President’s Merit Award and is Chair of an International Atomic Energy Agency project related to demonstrating the safety of geological disposal of radioactive waste. He’s also an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa. Over the past 38 years at the CNSC, Son has written and contributed to over 50 scientific journal papers.

“Canadians should know the CNSC has a robust regulatory system and highly competent staff who provide licensing recommendations based on state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and expertise,” says Son.

Faces of the CNSC

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