Values and Ethics at the CNSC

The CNSC Values and Ethics Code identifies the values and expected behaviours that guide CNSC employees in performing their duties and responsibilities to the highest ethical standards.

In carrying out the CNSC's mandate, CNSC employees are guided in their actions and relationships by the values of:

  • Respect - commits us to valuing the right, responsibilities and contribution of all stakeholders

    We demonstrate respect by:

    • treating our colleagues and external stakeholders with dignity and fairness
    • listening to others and respecting different points of view
    • maintaining a safe and healthy workplace that is free of harassment, violence, discrimination, abuse of power, and threats
    • respecting Canada's official language laws and the diversity of our workforce and public  
  • Integrity - commits us to acting with honesty in all our decisions and actions

    We seek integrity by:

    • acting in a manner that will bear the closest scrutiny
    • making decisions that respect and give priority to rightful CNSC and public interests
    • avoiding real, apparent or potential conflicts of interest between our official duties and personal interests
    • responsibly speaking out when aware of wrongdoing
  • Service - commits us to serving Canadians and our government to the best of our abilities

    We accomplish service by:

    • respecting the rule of law and carrying out our duties in accordance with legislation, policies and directives, in a non-partisan and objective manner
    • providing decision makers with all information, analysis and advice needed to make fully informed decisions in an honest, respectful and impartial manner
    • maintaining an arms-length regulatory relationship with licensees and members of the public
    • collaborating with federal and provincial regulators to meet our obligations regarding safe and secure management of nuclear-related material, facilities and activities
  • Excellence - commits us to being dedicated, competent and professional

    We demonstrate excellence by:

    • striving to fulfill our roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently, and continually seeking to improve the quality of our policies, programs and services
    • striving for ongoing development of our technical and interpersonal skills
    • sharing knowledge and contributing to the professional growth of others
    • nurturing pride in our work and in the public sector, and protecting the reputation and values of Canada and the CNSC
  • Responsibility - commits us to using public resources responsibly in a manner that maintains public trust and confidence in the CNSC

    We exercise responsibility by:

    • judiciously managing public money, travel funds, property and resources entrusted to the CNSC
    • respecting and protecting private and confidential information and stakeholders' intellectual property, in accordance with CNSC policies and government requirements
    • being accountable for our decisions, actions and advice
    • embracing social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • Safety - commits us to recognizing the importance of safety as an overriding consideration in our daily work

    We support a strong safety culture by:

    • making accountability for safety clear
    • taking appropriate measures to ensure our health and safety in the workplace
    • encouraging an open and collaborative work environment
    • seeking and acting on feedback, lessons learned and best practices

Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector

The Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector commits public servants to adhere to the public sector values and expected behaviours. It strengthens the ethical culture of the public sector and contributes to public confidence in the integrity of all public institutions.

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act encourages employees in the public sector to disclose serious wrongdoing without fear for reprisal.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Policy

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Policy provides direction and measures to assist the CNSC and its employees in dealing effectively with real, potential and apparent conflicts of interest that may arise during and after their employment at the CNSC.

CNSC Directive on Reporting and Managing Conflicts of Interest

The CNSC Directive on Reporting and Managing Conflicts of Interest provides the CNSC and its employees with procedures and measures to effectively report and manage financial conflicts of interest relating to employees′ assets and liabilities.

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