(first box…)

Licensee submits a signed consent form to local police with person's full name and date of birth or person goes to the local police to submit a criminal record form. In this case, the person must also pick it up.

(leads to circle…)

Complete Criminal Record Name Check or Individual provides an equivalent document (ex: NEXUS, PAL or alternative specified in section

(leads to second box…)

Once the records check is complete, the licensee or the person will receive one of two kinds of criminal record responses. The check can come back “cleared” OR “no records found” OR The check can come back “not cleared” OR “record may or may not exist” OR The check can come back “incomplete”.

(leads to diamond A…)


Two options:

Option “CRNC Cleared or no Record”… (leads to diamond B)

Option “CRNC Not Cleared or Incomplete”… (leads to third box…)

If the result of criminal record is “not cleared”, incomplete or indicates that a “record may or may not exist”, the licensee should inform the applicant and ensure the information is accurate and/or complete. The licensee can request that the person go to the police and submit fingerprints or the police may conduct an interview with the person.

(leads to fourth box)…

Once the police receive the fingerprints, the person to whom the record relates will receive his/her Full Record on police service letterhead OR on a CPIC printout

(leads to diamond A…)

Trustworthiness and reliability assessment

(three options: )

(first option leads to fifth box…)

Unescorted Access Granted/Renewed

(second option leads to six box…)

Unescorted Access Granted/Renewed with Conditions

(third option leads to seventh box…)

Unescorted Access Denied/Revoked

(standalone box at bottom right…)

Repeat process every five years